What’s Wineilvino?

Wineilvino is a wine sale site, including alcoholics in general. We have bought and sold wine for thirty years, firstly with traditional methods, now also on-line.

How do you choose the wine you sell?

The same way we have been choosing it for our entire life. We taste it and we judge it. We don’t have a team of enologists choosing for us. Because enologist make wine, they don’t judge it. Also, we read guides only to confront our scores with theirs. We have never bought a wine only because it was awarded in any of these guides.

Do you follow any rule while choosing wine?

The main condition needed to be in this shop is that the wine must be good. To be tradable, we apply this simple rule: the wine must gain a score, given by us, of at least 82. We don’t sell a wine just because the producer made us a good trading proposal.

Why don’t your wines almost never have a discounted price?

Because we act exactly as how we would like to be treated by other commerciants. That’s why we don’t increase prices just to make a fake discount later, in order to make you believe you are actually saving your money. Compare our price with those of our competitors. We want you to trust us, we want to be clear, without tricks.

Why don’t you ask our data to access to the website?

Because we want you to be free to browse our website. This is our storefront. Whenever you stare at a storefront, does the owner of that shop ask you for your data? No! He asks them just in case of a purchase and you want him to send the products home!

Your data will be required only if you decide to proceed with the purchase. We won’t oblige you to subscribe to our newsletter. You can make it by yourself if you find it useful. You can unsubscribe whenever you want, of course.

How do you treat the data I just submitted?

At the moment of your purchase, our system creates your personal customer sheet. That’s all. Your data stay there just to make future purchases easier and as warranty if you want to return a product. We don’t use them to make market researches, we don’t give them to others. We don’t make “remarketing” or other invasive selling methods. We support “do not track” software.
Our goal is to sell wine, exactly what we have been doing for thirty years. We don’t care about your data, honestly.

Are my credit card data safe?

We don’t even know them. Transactions are made with Pay-pal, which protects your data.

Which paying methods do you use?

Wineilvino has two paying methods: Paypal and all credit cards, of course (American Express not included) and Bank Transfer.
Are your prices VAT included?
Yes, all the prices are VAT included.

Is it possible to receive an invoice of the products I bought?

Yes. When you confirm your order you can select tax receipt or invoice, which will always be sent electronically to the buyer.

If I made an order but I change my mind, can I return it?

Yes, of course. It is prescribed by Law. The customer has 14 days to change his/her mind. Of course, the product he/she wants to return must be untouched. To be as clear as possible, the bottle must not have been opened or with its label damaged.

What do I have to do if I receive damaged products?

If you have received damaged products and you can see it clearly by looking at the packaging, you have to accept the pack and write on your receipt “I accept with reserve”. Then you immediatly have to write us at ordini@wineilvino.it and describe what happened. If the products are damaged but you couldn’t tell it by the look of the packaging, you can still contact us at ordini@wineilvino.it. We just ask you to send us a picture of the damage and to send us the damaged bottles back. We will certainly solve this problem.

How much does the shipment cost?

If you make a purchase of 120 Euros or more, the shipment will be free. Otherwise, you can check our Shipments section, where we explain each aspect in details. When you confirm the purchase, the system automatically generates shipping costs related to the bottles you bought.

Our Shipments section: www.wineilvino.it/en/shipments

How much does it take to receive the wine?

Wineilvino normally ships in 4/5 working days by courier. If part of your order is not immediatly available, we may need more time. Don’t worry, an e-mail will tell you exactly how many days you have to wait.

Is it possible to check the state of my order?

Yes, of course, you can check it by your account. From the moment in which the courier takes your pack, you can check the situation on their website.

Is it possible to send or buy abroad?

Unfortunately, Wineilvino currently only ships in Italy.