Who we are.

Authentic, Reliable and Exciting

We are professionals with name and surname.
We have degusted, bought and sold wine for 25/30 years. Nicola is a bit less young. We don’t fancy the word “old” at all. In the wine field, it is a flaw.

We are professionals, respected and appreciated from those who met us: from those who produce wine, to those who distribute wine, to whose who have been buying wine from us.

So, we exist Hic et Nunc. If you’re glad to, you can also meet us, because Wine il vino headquarter is not a plain and hot factory in a gloomy industrial zone, but in the fresh Aqvagiusta cellar.

Aqvagiusta is the reign of Nicola and his partner Luisa.
Aqvagiusta is located in the center of Treviglio, near Bergamo.
Aqvagiusta is a wine shop with wine tasting, where the happy hour is…
No more words needed.


Wine il vino - Nicola Scognamillo - Aqvagiusta

Nicola Scognamillo

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Because to define is to limit. And you are much more, in a way or in another.”

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