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Champagne brut Blanc de Blancs Ellner

Variety: Chardonnay 100%

Brilliant straw yellow color.

On the nose it is intense and finely complex. Thin and incisive, the perfumes are of shining quality. The marine notes dominate the profile, followed by white flowers and millefiori honey. Followed by citrus fruit, medlar and green apple. The yeasts and the consequent small confectionery conclude as soon as they are mentioned. It is right to emphasize the subtlety of the scents of the beach in winter. Overall, the aromas are fascinating, creating a profile of extreme elegance.
On the palate it is sumptuously dominated by the pleasant minerality. Fine and well perceived, it greatly helps the cause of drinkability. Good acidity; thin, and very fine carbon. The set of softness is summarized in an elegant creaminess that gives the right volume to the sip. After swallowing, the aromas of the sea, wild berries and aromatic herbs reach the receptors.

Champagne brut Blanc de Blancs Ellner

Among Ellner‘s Champagne, Blanc de Blancs represents elegance.

Absolutely to try. It is addictive.

Accompanies beautifully, raw seafood, Brittany oysters, sea bass tartare, and sushi in general. But like all the great Champagne, it accompanies almost all the dishes.

The maison Charles Ellner is classified NM that is Negociant Manipulant. Because, in addition to having a property of 50 hectares, which grows directly, buys from trusted farmers a part of the grapes.

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