Champagne brut Blanc de Blancs Miss Suzi 2015 Richard Royer, Champagnes

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Champagne brut Blanc de Blancs Miss Suzi 2015 Richard Royer

Variety: Chardonnay 100%

Straw yellow color, tending to pale gold

The nose is intense and infinitely elegant. The quality and variety of the perfumes that follow one another are grandiose. From the fresh yellow fruit, we pass the small wild berries. Followed by fine notes of cream, butter and subtle gusts of spices. Above all, and around everything, the unmistakable and characterizing iodized notes of the sea.

Overall the perfumes are of the highest quality. The glass cannot be removed from the nose.

On the palate it confirms the many expectations suggested by the olfactory prospect. Remarkably voluminous for creaminess and presence, it has a natural ally in its rigid structure. There is no need even to decline.

It is a great champagne from vigneron, valiant and fascinating, solicitous to provoke deep emotions.

Champagne brut Blanc de Blancs Miss Suzi 2015 Richard Royer

Dedicated to the young daughter Suzanne.

After a first edition produced with the solera method, it has come to make it vintage from the 2015 vintage.

The soil is composed of clay and limestone, dating back to the Kimmeridgian period.

Age of the vineyard: the plants vary in age from 20 to 40 years.

The harvest takes place manually with separation of the different plots, and careful selection of the best grapes.

During pressing, the juices are separated. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in oak barrels.

Referments in the bottle for a minimum of 48 months.

Dosage 5 gr / liter

Since the 18th century, the Royer family has managed the estate located in a small town in the Cote de Bar, famous for its hills: Balnot sur Laignes. La Cote de Bar is geographically located south of the Champagne appellation, in the district called Aube. La cote de bar extends over 8,000 hectares of vineyards.

Richard Royer, the current owner, is well aware of the need not to cling to the story, but to draw inspiration from it, to evolve and enrich oneself with knowledge. Experience, respect for the land and the desire for knowledge are the method by which the Vigneron Richard Royer cultivates his 13 hectares.

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