Champagne Brut Grande Reserve Ellner, Champagnes

Charles Ellner
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Champagne brut Grande Reserve Ellner

Variety: Chardonnay 60% and Pinot Nero 40%

Dosage 7.4 grams per liter.

The majority of the grapes come from the 2008 harvest. Beginning of the refermentation in April 2009. It remains on the lees for at least 5 years.

Brilliant straw yellow color.

The nose does not betray the classic imprint of Champagne, which makes it clearly distinguishable. The aromas are of fresh white flowers, of fruit, with apple and white currant. The marine notes that distinguish all Ellner’s champagne, characterize it finely. Even some baking ideas, those that feel close to the ovens early in the morning, add value and complexity. Making a synthesis, the perfumes are of excellent workmanship, emphasizing the excellent raw material, and the great hand that owns those who work in the cellar.

On the palate we can tell of a fine carbon, strong acidity, but above all remarkable minerality. The sugar dosage gives balance and volume to the sip. The retro smell reaches aromas of flowers, fresh fruit and even the sea.

Champagne brut Grande Reserve Ellner

Great champagne at a really inviting price.

Absolutely to try.

Among Ellner’s champagne, the Grande Reserve represents the beauty of feeling at home.

The maison Charles Ellner is classified NM that is Negociant Manipulant. Because, in addition to having a property of 50 hectares, which grows directly, buys from trusted farmers a part of the grapes.

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Wine il vino 90 / 100

Novembre 2018

Wine Spectator 91 / 100

Novembre 2018