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Champagne Brut Integral Ellner

Variety: Pinot Nero 60% and Chardonnay 40%

Zero dosing, residual sugar 0.90 grams per liter

The grapes for the majority refer to the 2008 harvest. The refermentation in the bottle started in April 2009.

Brilliant straw yellow color, with light and very thin pink veins.

Nose is of absolute charm, with elegant and classy aromas. The common thread “that binds us and takes us on a sea mule track” is very evident. Thread that unites and distinguishes all Ellner wines. After the reassuring and invigorating scents of the sea, we feel the white flowers and the berries and the currant and the apple just before being ripe. Overall, the aromas are valuable, so as to define their own style.

On the palate, considering the absence of sugar dosage, minerality and acidity stand out. The carbon is very very fine, so that, together, the profile of hardness is even admirable. On the other side of the scale we have a very good creaminess. In the retro olfation the marine aromas return, linked to the saltiness, and the inevitable fruit.

Champagne Brut Integral Ellner

Among Ellner’s Champagne, the brut Integral represents the insatiable desire. You want the bottle to never end.

Like the Blanc de Blanc, it accompanies beautifully, oysters, raw seafood, thin sea fish tartare, such as bass, or lean seeds such as sea bream. As a result it is great with sushi in general. But like all the great Champagne, it accompanies almost all the dishes.

The maison Charles Ellner is classified NM that is Negociant Manipulant. Because, in addition to having a property of 50 hectares, which grows directly, buys from trusted farmers a part of the grapes.

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