Champagne brut nature Rosé Extase 2014 Jean Diot, Champagnes

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Champagne brut nature Rosé Extase 2014 Jean Diot

Variety: 94% Chardonnay and 6% Pinot Noir red wine

Bright pale pink color.

The nose is great in its complexity and at the same time finesse and elegance. , complex and of refined quality. We perceive aromas of sweet and fine spices, vanilla, trifle, freshly baked bread crust, and yeast. Traits of green pepper, mimosa and white currant also further increase the quality

On the palate it is voluminous and copious in the sip, as well as supported by hardness. With no dosage, the freshness and verticality of the Champagne can only shine. Even the carbonic, fine and constant, lengthens the perception of pleasure, between aromas of berries, cereals and locust honey.

As a whole, Jean Diot creates a rare Champagne Rosé. Clean and charming, it inherently has class.

Champagne brut nature Rosé Extase 2014 Jean Diot

The grapes come from the coteaux sud d’Epernay in the department of Marne, southwest of Epernay precisely. In the Extase cuvée exclusively the fruits of the old vines of Vinay and Moussy participate.

The harvest takes place manually with careful selection of the best bunches.

During pressing, the juices are separated. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers.

The Cuvée is made exclusively with grapes from the 2014 vintage.

Referments in the bottle for a minimum period of 36 months.

Dosage: Zero

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