Venezia Giulia passito Pass the cookies 2020 di Lenardo, Dessert Wine

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Venezia Giulia passito Pass the cookies 2020 di Lenardo

Variety: Verduzzo 80% and Riesling Renano 20%

Raisin wine 50 cl

The Verduzzo and Riesling varieties are harvested separately and, after being placed in wooden boxes, the bunches are left to dry in a room at room temperature with humidity control. The period is about three months.

Once dried, the grapes are pressed and left to ferment in thermoregulated stainless steel containers set at 15 ° C.

It refines in the same steel tanks for about 3 months with frequent bâtonnage.

After bottling, the wine is left to rest in di Lenardo’s cellars for a further two months.

Venezia Giulia passito Pass the cookies 2020 di Lenardo

Brilliant gold

On the nose it is intense with evident notes that incline it towards sweet wines. We can observe robinia honey, dried apricot, saffron and vanilla. Also the English soup and the mimosa flowers add complexity to the whole of the olfactory prospect.

On the palate it is sweet, creamy and voluminous due to its softness, and at the same time it has a good acidity and a very light tannic texture. Not cloying at all, it wraps the mouth with pleasant elegance.

Overall it is a pleasantly sweet raisin wine, which invites for a further taste.

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