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Giovanni Rosso
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Barolo Cerretta 2013 Giovanni Rosso

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%

Barolo from a single vineyard, Cerretta in the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba.

Fermentation is carried out in concrete tanks for an average period of about 28 days with daily pumping over and delestage, carried out around the middle of the fermentation period.

Délestage is a technique used to uniformly extract the compounds that influence the sensory characteristics, such as the chemical-physical ones of wine. In particular, the délestage consists in emptying the liquid part from the concrete tank, and pouring it into a second container, where it remains for one or two hours.

The solid part, skins and seeds, rests on the bottom of the tank. Once the established period has passed, the liquid is pumped into the concrete tank where the solid part was left, taking care not to break up the skins excessively, and fermentation is terminated.

Aging in 25 and 50 hl French oak barrels from the Forest of Fontainebleau, for a period ranging from 18 to 36 months depending on the vintage.

Barolo Cerretta 2013 Giovanni Rosso

Garnet red color, not intense typical of Nebbiolo, with light orange veins.

The nose has aromas of red fruit and violet. Swirling the wine in the glass followed by those of withered rose petals of cherry and black cherry. Followed by different spices and aromas such as white pepper, cinchona and rhubarb. Perfumes show class, and show us a truly bright future.

On the palate it tells us of a splendid shape and enviable substance. The Serralunga Terroir marks the structure of a wine that has a very long growth prospect. The hardnesses are pleasantly marked, just as the softnesses grant warmth and creaminess. Aromas that reach the nasal receptors coming up from the throat are of flowers and spices. The finish is very persistent.

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