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Cannonau di Sardegna Urulu 2019 Cantine di Orgosolo

Variety: Cannonau 100%

Ruby red color with just hinted garnet veins.

Firm texture and deep quality on the nose, defined with aromas of fresh ripe fruit, red plum in particular and sour cherry in alcohol. Complex floral notes insinuate themselves among the classic ones of Mediterranean scrub, tobacco, leather, vanilla and the licorice stick, for a remarkable variety. Not only in quantity but also clean, well defined and certainly fascinating.

On the palate it relaxes with authority between softness and hardness. The degree supports the volume and minerality extends its drinkability. Correct tannic texture and freshness, for a wine that as a whole, is not only excellent immediately, but with evident ability to evolve improving over time. The memory is persistent, between aromas of spices, fruit, and Boer.

Sardinian red wine, with a very large majority Cannonau, capable of representing with authority the great expressive capacity of the grape.

Cannonau di Sardegna Urulu 2018 Cantine di Orgosolo

The Cantina di Orgosolo cultivates the grapes in a vineyard located on a promontory 4 km from the municipality of Orgosolo and in the province of Nuoro. The site is 800 meters above sea level next to a Nuragic Sanctuary dating back to 1900 BC.

Planted with the sapling and spurred cordon training system.

The harvest is done manually between the end of September and the beginning of October. It carries out alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel containers using only indigenous yeasts.

Refine for 9 months in oak barrels and then in the bottle for at least another 3 months.

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