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Champagne brut Rosé Pouillon

Variety: Pinot Noir 100%

Produced with the Saignée method, that is, with the partial maceration of the juice with the skins of the grapes. It ferments in stainless steel containers and, before carrying out the second fermentation in the bottle, it ages in wooden barrels.

The vineyards destined to produce the Rosé of Pouillon are classified Premier Cru, and geographically they are in the municipality of Mareuil sur Aÿ.

As a whole Pouillon owns 6.5 hectares of vineyards planted in 36 different plots. among the best terroirs of all Champagne: Aÿ Grand Cru, Mareuil-sur-Ay, Mutigny, Epernay.

Champagne brut Rosé Pouillon

Soft pink color.

The nose has conspicuous aromas of small berries, with currants and blueberries, both red. Followed by notes of red rose, and complex, as well as fascinating, notes of woods. Clean, crisp, valuable and varied, the fragrances have an excellent score.

On the palate it has an excellent entrance, adequate permanence, with an excellent balance between hardness and softness. Aromas of butter and red currant come from the palate.

The overall evaluation of this Champagne is truly remarkable and positively remarkable.

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