Champagne Brut Seduction 2006 Ellner, Champagnes


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Champagne Brut Seduction 2006 Ellner

Variety: Chardonnay 75% and Pinot Nero 25%

he grapes come from the vineyards owned by Chouilly, Avize and Tauxières. The cuvée is aged in oak barrels before the Tirage.

Refer to yeasts for at least 120 months.

Champagne brut Seduction 2006 Ellner sparkling wine

Pale gold color.

The nose has wonderful aromas of white flowers, pear, acacia honey and panettone. Some notes of aromatic herbs and melted butter enhance the complexity and the olfactory prospect, placing it among the largest.

On the palate, despite its ten-year stay on the lees, it is incredibly fresh. The perception of minerals and of the subtle carbonate make drinkability extremely pleasant. Finely creamy, it has a full and enveloping sip. It remains in the mouth for a long time. In the retro olfation aromas of red currant and pastry arrive.

Champagne brut Seduction 2006 Ellner

Among Ellner’s Champagne, Seduction 2006 represents the class of higher beings.

Absolutely to try. A 120-month Champagne on lees at an incredible price.

Accompanies beautifully, raw fish carpaccio, sea bass tartare, and sushi in general. But like all the great Champagne, it accompanies almost all the dishes.

The maison Charles Ellner is classified NM that is Negociant Manipulant. Because, in addition to having a property of 50 hectares, which grows directly, buys from trusted farmers a part of the grapes.

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Wine il vino2006 93 / 100 
Wine Spectator2006 92 / 100