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Petit Chablis Sycomore 2018 LC Poitout

Variety: Chardonnay 100%

Organic Terra Vitis

LC Poitout have 6.6 hectares classified petit chablis: “Sur le clos” in Chablis, in Villy the Cotes and La Magrette vineyards, and soon in Lignorelles.

The vineyards are very different from each other and for this reason they are vinified separately.

The Sycomore comes exclusively from the vineyard on Les Clos. Situated above the Valmur and Vaudesir gran cru vineyards, it is divided into three different parcels: La Cathy, La Emilie and La Paul.

Planted between 1988 and 1989 by Catherine, it is the vineyard to which they are most attached. The soil is thin clay with a lot of pebbles. The sun comes free, and the temperature is always optimal for the ripening of the grapes. With the warming of the planet, the places higher up and farther north, which before had difficulty finding fruit ripeness, have now become perfect.

After the harvest by hand, the grapes ferment in stainless steel containers. All the chablis of Louis and Catherine ferment and refine exclusively in steel.

Once fermentation is complete, static filtration is awaited, then decanting, malolactic transformation and the related refining in steel.

Petit Chablis Sycomore 2018 LC Poitout

Straw yellow.

The nose has interesting aromas of citrus fruits, delicate white flowers, apple and white peach. And yet it is the natural tendencies to indulge in the minerality of the soil, which ensure fascinating breaths of the sea.

On the palate, what was perceived by the scents is confirmed and expanded. Precious and functional, minerality is a tree that the rest holds up. The good creaminess expressed already at a young age, does nothing but confirm the extreme care and skill of those who work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

A great chablis, which is a credit to Burgundy, far superior to its classification. Certainly the best Petit Chablis of 2018

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