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Vermut Bianco Tenuta Tamburnin

Flavored wine

Variety: Chardonnay

Some sources trace the birth of Vermouth or Vermouth to the Roman era, who had created a very similar product from the name Absinthiatum (or Absinthianum). Its fame, however, is due to Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who in the back of his workshop in Turin in 1786, invented the current formula.

The law regulates some aspects both on the alcohol content, on the sugar content, on the base wine to be used and on the type of alcohol to be added. The same involves the use of at least one aromatic plant: the wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.) a plant of the Asteraceae family. Each company can add different aromatic plants in infusion, so as to have specific peculiarities and unique sensations.

In addition to absinthe, the Tamburnin estate also uses gentian, cloves, Pancalieri mint and other jealously kept herbs.

Production process:

Infusion of herbs and spices with a solution of water and alcohol for a period of about forty-five days. Subsequently it combines with all white wine, sugar and alcohol and is left to macerate further for sixty days. Filtration and bottling.

Vermut Bianco Tenuta Tamburnin

Amber yellow color

The nose is wonderfully elegant, with aromas of gentian, cinnamon, cloves, white mint faceted aromatic herbs. It should be emphasized that the perfumes are truly of excellent quality.

On the palate it is full and voluminous, with aromas of spices and aromatic herbs.

Due to its refinement, this Piedmontese excellence can be consumed not only mixed in cocktails, but also in purity with plenty of ice.

Don’t skimp on ice to create your cocktails, because the greater the amount of ice, the slower it melts, and consequently the longer it stays pure.

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