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Vsq Metodo Classico brut Pinot Nero Bio Percivalle

Pinot Nero 100%

Certified Organic

Refermentation for 18 months. Remuage performed manually on pupitre.

Dosage 6 gr / l

Intense straw yellow color.

The nose has splendid aromas of flowers. From the most subtle scents, like those of the field in different colors: the clover, the dandelion and the poppy. More intense flowers follow, such as gerbera, daisy and broom. The ideas of yeast do not fail, which lead the mind to the ovens, where the bread is cooked. But they are only hints. Brush strokes at the edges of the picture. Finally, red currant and pomegranate also gracefully overlook the fragrance windowsill.

On the palate it is rich and plentiful. Well distributed between softness and hardness, it has two proud allies in the minerality and perception of carbon. Not only pleasant, but even valuable. After having swallowed, they come back to the pomegranate and the currant, for a persistent finish.

Vsq Metodo Classico brut Pinot Nero Bio Percivalle

Great example of sparkling Pinot Noir sparkling wine. Simple, drinkable and satisfying. already after the first glass you are happy to have bought it. Since there are no roses without thorns, he too has a limit: it ends too soon.

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