Alto Adige Pinot Nero Graf 2017 Merano, Red wines

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Alto Adige Pinot Nero Graf 2017 Merano

Variety: Pinot Noir 100%

The Merano winery produces this red wine from various vineyards located in the municipalities of Tirolo, Cermes, Merano and Labers, in the province of Bolzano.

The altitude varies depending on the different vineyards from 500 to 600 meters above sea level.

Soils: they have different morphologies, depending on the area: they are sandy, clayey, enriched with humus, granite and gneis, the typical dolomitic rock that appears visually in different layers.

Age of plants: they have an age ranging from 12 to 27 years.

Type of cultivation: espalier with guyot pruning.

The yield per hectare is 65 hectoliters.

After the grape harvest, carried out manually, the alcoholic fermentation is conducted in conical wooden vats for a period varying from 10 to 15 days, with frequent punching down and pumping over. After having carried out the malolactic transformation, it is aged for a year, partly in large 44-hectolitre barrels and partly in used barriques, both of oak.

Alto Adige Pinot Nero Graf 2017 Merano

Red ruby ​​red.

The nose has classic varietal head aromas of wild berries: red and white currants and raspberries. By turning the glass, one can also observe the aromas of the forest, and of wild berries, and of aromatic herbs. Even spices, like vanilla, together with toasted aromas make the bouquet more complex.

In the mouth it is precise, clean, with harmony and balance. Good consistency and volume, and the dialogue between hardness and softness is definitely valid. Note the acidity and minerality in good evidence. The creaminess expressed by the glycerines, the heat of the alcoholic grade and a slight residual sugar are decisive, so that together they draw a good volume. After swallowing aromas of spices and blueberries arrive. Persistent.

Excellent value for money for a pleasant and perfectly expressive variety of Pinot Noir.

It traditionally accompanies Tyrolean dishes, such as Canederli with speck, grilled red meat with wild berry sauce. Even with the lamb chops. Excellent with stuffed artichokes with breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, pecorino cheese, eggs, salt and pepper, stewed in tomato sauce.

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