Alto Adige Pinot Nero Riserva Mazon Aegis 2018 Kollerhof, Red wines

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Alto Adige Pinot Nero Riserva Mazon Aegis 2018 Kollerhof

Variety: Pinot  Nero 100%

Certified organic

Color Ruby red with garnet shades.

The nose is intense and of refined class. The red and white currants appear enchanting, followed by the floral and spicy ones. Different and well defined, precise clean and of great thickness. The prospect places him among the great ones.

On the palate it dances with authority and elegance between hardness and softness. Concrete and sublime, it has enormous quality. Excellent synthesis between the parts with a gentle tannic texture, but freshness and minerality in evidence. Really creamy and voluminous.

Italian Pinot Noir from South Tyrol capable of comparing itself with the best. La Piana di Mazon is the best Italian Cru of Pinot Nero.

Alto Adige Pinot Nero Riserva Mazon Aegis 2018 Kollerhof

Fruit of a rigorous selection carried out in the vineyard, by means of a severe thinning.

Ferments in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature.

Refines in French oak barrels for 18 months and another 6 months in the bottle.

Egna and therefore the Mazzon plateau in Italian or Mazon in Alto Atesino, are in the province of Bolzano, south of Alto Adige. The average altitude is 500 meters above sea level. The first planting experiments with Pinot Noir cuttings in Mazon were made in 1878, while in 1898 a “pinot noir from Mazzon” was awarded for the first time at a wine fair in Vienna.

Maso Kollerhof has seventeenth-century origins. Its existence is certified by its presence in the Teresian cadastre of 1775. Since 1965 it has been owned by the Visintin family, who began to cultivate the vines as was the tradition in that period with a pergola, since 2000 the vines have been trained with spurred cordon. The vineyards of the Maso Kollerhof in Mazon cover an area of ​​4 hectares.

The grapes are grown following the dictates of organic farming.

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