Barbera d’Alba Maria Teresa 2019 Cecilia Monte, Red wines

Cecilia Monte
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Barbera d’Alba Maria Teresa 2019 Cecilia Monte

Variety: Barbera 100%

Intense purple red color.

The nose has exuberant and intense aromas of ripe fresh fruit. By swirling the glass, ideas of shrub berries, eucalyptus, undergrowth and the aforementioned cherry, black cherry and plum are added. What is striking is the sharpness of the perfumes, their precision and the visual memory that immediately comes to mind.

On the palate it confirms the expectations. Form and substance show themselves in excellent expression, therefore the minerality extracted from very long roots of old plants approaches the obvious intrinsic acidity of the vine. The creaminess is remarkable, which together with the warmth of the alcohol content adequately compensates for the hardness. In the retro olfaction there are still aromas of fresh fruit and balsamic sensations.

Cecilia Monte offers a distinct and fascinating interpretation of Barbera.

Barbera d’Alba Maria Teresa 2019 Cecilia Monte

The grapes are grown in a single vineyard, located close to the farmhouse, in the Cru Serracapelli and in the municipality of Neive.

The vineyard has an average age of over 50 years with a density of 5000 plants per hectare and a yield of 70 quintals.

Harvest carried out manually in boxes of 20 kg each in the first half of October.

After the de-stemming and soft pressing, the alcoholic fermentation begins, carried out in stainless steel fermenters, at a controlled temperature, for a period of 6-7 days. Frequent punching down and pumping over are carried out daily.

After racking, it is transferred to oak barrels of different sizes, where it carries out the malolactic fermentation and refines for at least 12 months. After bottling, it rests in the cellar for at least another 6 months.

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