Barolo 2016 L’Astemia Pentita, Red wines


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Barolo 2016 L’Astemia Pentita

Nebbiolo 100%

Pale ruby ​​red with ample garnet shadows.

The nose is fruity with aromas of ripe fruit, forest and undergrowth. Violet and rose among the flowers, and some evolving spices fill the always very high expectations. Some stains of mushrooms, cinchona and licorice sticks raise it among the great wines. Clean and well defined, it impresses positively.

On the palate it is not contradicted and in the face of naturally evident hardness, because endemically present in the vine, there are softness to compensate and balance. Deep and complex even the sip, and exactly like the olfactory profile, conquers excellence. Like all Barolos, it has the ability to age happily, giving different emotions year after year. The finish is very long between luxuriant aromas of rhubarb, undergrowth and plum.

Now it can be said that hardness and softness caress each other and at the same time cause pleasure to the drinker. Persistent. It happily accompanies all dishes with hare dishes. On the stew it is splendid, as with all game dishes and stewed beef.

Barolo 2016 L’Astemia Pentita

Astemia Pentita produces its Barolo, following the ideas of tradition, which wanted it as a synthesis of different vineyards, and not the expression of a single Cru.

Training system: espalier with guyot pruning.

The harvest is carried out manually in small boxes, during which the quality selection of the grapes is carried out.

After a short cold pre-fermentation maceration, it carries out the alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 24-26 ° C in stainless steel containers, for a period of 30 days.

Refine in oak barrels of different sizes for 36 months. After assembly, filtration and bottling, it rests in the cellar for at least another 6 months, before reaching the market.

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Wine il vino 2016 91 / 100