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Barolo Villero 2016 Livia Fontana

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%

Ruby red color with orange reflections.

The nose is intense, elegant, clean, in short, of the highest class. It spreads out among the scents of flowers and fruits, woods and roots, spices and more. Violet, red plum and black cherry. Notes of cinchona and rhubarb, and aromatic herbs. Precisely the latter are beautiful and seductive. From there the colors of the forest open up, with the facets that make it up.

Overall, the aromas confirm the expectations of the Cru to which they belong.

On the palate it is conspicuous, with freshness, verticality and a very happy tannic texture. The sum of softness is adequate and copious, so as to make the wine already harmonious and in balance. From the palate the aromas of china and aromatic herbs make their way to the nose.

Excellent interpretation of Villero by Michele Fontana. If left in the cellar for a few years, it will become something to remember.

Awarded by Doctor Wine di Cernilli with 98 cents and by the French Guide Gilbert & Gaillard with 97 cents

Barolo Villero 2016 Livia Fontana

Barolo Villero is produced from the only famous Villero vineyard One of the best Cru of Castiglione Falletto, and of the whole Barolo denomination. The characteristics are those of expressing the feminine side of Nebbiolo. This is why tannins are generally more gentle, and the wines of the area are more graceful and elegant, than powerful.

Exposition: it is south-east facing and has an espalier training system with guyot pruning.

Soil: it is composed of sandstone marls with a significant presence of sand.

The surface is about one hectare, while the altitude varies from 300 to 350 meters above sea level.

The harvest is done by hand around mid-October.

Ferments in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks. Performs the malolactic transformation and refines in large barrels. After bottling it remains in the cellar, for a total minimum of 40 months from the harvest.

Livia Fontana’s company has existed since 1850, but now it is admirably conducted by her and her two children. Lorenzo helps him in commercial terms, while Michele is the author, who rules the field and the cellar.

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Wine il vino 2016 97 / 100