Bergamasca Rosso Elogio 2012 Eligio Magri red wine, Red wines


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Bergamasca Rosso Elogio 2012 Eligio Magri red wine

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 90% and Merlot 10%

Awarded by the Ais Lombardia Guide, one of the most serious and detached Italian guides, with the 4 Rose Camune awarded the special “Rosa d’Oro” award. That is for those wines judged beyond excellence.

Grapes are grown in collaced vineyards in the municipality of Torre de Roveri. Soil is made up of a medium-textured clay, brown-red in color, with a substratum of gray marl mixed with sand.

Bunches are harvested late, with a substantial drying in the plant. After de-stemming and crushing of the mass, it is passed into stainless steel containers with temperature control, and fermentation is started.

Once the malo-lactic transformation has been carried out, it passes into French and American oak barrels of small and different sizes. Change the type of toasting, the percentage of new wood and the time spent with the Patrician. Even the bottle period increases significantly reaching 24 months at least.

Bergamasca Rosso Elogio 2012 Eligio Magri

Intense ruby ​​red color

On the nose it is intense, complex and exuberant. It has aromas of berries and sour cherries in jam. Among the flowers the withered violet. Follow the green pepper, spicy notes of cloves, juniper berries and light hints of vanilla. Tobacco pipe and cocoa among the perfumes due to roasting.

On the palate it is full-bodied, of considerable substance. Enveloping and full of charm, shows, in addition to the substance, also excellent form. In fact, the tannins make their voices heard, which is not scratchy, but harmonic. The acidity, together with the minerality, contribute to the chorus of the hardness with remarkable effectiveness. After swallowing, aromas of spices, blackberries and dried flowers are released. The finish is very persistent.

Among the Lombardi red wines it is conquered a place among the best. Excellent wine, which reaches excellence, and the pass, without too many thoughts.

A praise to the Magri family, all lovingly committed, to the production of their wines.

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