Chianti Superiore Rio Camerata 2018 Fattoria di Piazzano, Red wines


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Chianti Superiore Rio Camerata 2018 Fattoria di Piazzano

Variety: Sangiovese 95 and Colorino 5%

Ruby red color

The nose is clean, precise and immediate in its manifestation. The red stem fruit, some traces of wild, shrub berries and tobacco. Floral notes of rose, carnation and lily and balsamic traits anticipate the gentle and spicy spices. Overall it convinces and invites to sip.

On the palate it is in excellent balance between hardness and softness. Consistent and well designed, it stands out for its extreme ease of drinking. The set of hardness shines for the tannic texture while on the other hand the overall creaminess is more than satisfactory. It persists for a long time between aromas of cherry, blackberry and spices.

The Chianti Superiore from Fattoria di Piazzano conquers excellence for its balance, complexity and overall cleanliness. It stands out not only among the Chiantis, but also among the red wines from all over Tuscany.

Chianti Superiore Rio Camerata 2018 Fattoria di Piazzano

The vineyards are planted with spurred cordon, with a density of 5200 plants per hectare.

Soil: It’s clayey with a varied presence of skeleton.

The harvest was carried out mechanically and with selection of the grapes, between the end of September and the beginning of October.

It ferments in steel tanks with the use of indigenous yeasts for a period of about three weeks.

Refine in vitrified concrete tanks for at least 24 months and after bottling for another 4/5 in the cellar.

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