Conero Riserva Stile Libero 2015 Angeli di Varano, Red wines


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Conero Riserva Stile Libero 2015 Angeli di Varano

Montepulciano 100%

Intense ruby ​​red color with garnet shadows.

The nose is intense and of absolute charm. When the glass is still, aromas of cherry, blackberry and blueberry arrive. Roteandolo opens the façade and adds a whole set of spices, with pepper, cocoa and cloves. There is no shortage of flowers and aromatic herbs. Intense and of great quality, the aromas together paint an absolute class picture.

On the palate it is full-bodied and of presence. Well-defined hardnesses, with vibrant but not pungent tannins, to excel over acidity and minerality. The volume expressed by softness completes the work, for an excellent wine, capable of being both powerful and elegant. From the oral cavity come aromas of vanilla, nutmeg and withered flowers. It has excellent ability to age improving. One of the best wines of the Marche.

Conero Riserva Stile Libero 2015 Angeli di Varano

The vineyards are located next to the company, in the municipality of Ancona, in the Varano district, near Angeli di Varano.

Vineyards are: The vineyard of the “Hare” with a North-South exposure, the vineyard of the “Wild boar” exposed West-East, and the vineyard “Italy” oriented from North West and South East. The clones present in the vineyards are different, and in all there are seven.

Conero Riserva Stile Libero is produced from a selection of the oldest vineyard, the one called Lepre.

Soil: it is clayey with a medium texture and limestone layers.

The planting system is against espalier with guyot pruning, while the density is 3700 plants per hectare.

After the harvest, carried out exclusively by hand, the fermentation develops for part of the mass in stainless steel containers with temperature control, and the remainder in wooden barrels.

It refines in French oak tonneaux with a capacity of 500 liters for a minimum of 18 months, or until the product is deemed ready to be marketed.

The owners of Angeli di Varano are the Chiucchioni brothers. Lorenzo takes care of the reception in the cellar, where you can taste the wines and different local products, in the shade of old trees and next to the vineyards. Matteo, being a winemaker by profession, is in charge of production. Matteo as well as his own company follows several other wineries in the Marche, including Filodivino.

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