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Dogliani Briccolero 2018 Quinto Chionetti

Variety: 100% Dolcetto

Certified organic

Briccolero is a part of the San Luigi vineyard, one of the best and most famous crus of all the denomination.

Intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections.

On the nose it explains its scents, such as frigate wings or sails. Rich, intense and of fine quality, it differs from San Luigi for the colors of the fruit. If those were red, these are black or otherwise dark. Thus blackberry and plum anticipate notes of geranium, gentian and green pepper. sensations of aromatic herbs remain on the finish.

On the palate it is copious and has an excellent frame. The limited acidity, typical of the grape, together with the widespread minerality and tannic texture, contribute to defining a framework of excellent hardness. On the other plate of the scale we have a set of softness that is more than correct, with a creamy base to give volume and depth to the sip ..

Aromas of grapes, blueberries and aromatic herbs come from the palate.

Il Briccolero represents the synthesis between the carefree youth studies of San Luigi and the academic commitment of La Costa. Also this Dolcetto di Chionetti has excellent ability to age over time by improving and is fully representative of the denomination.

Dogliani Briccolero 2018 Quinto Chionetti

Soil: the conformation of the land is defined as the formation of Lequio, created about 10 million years ago in the Tortonian era. In detail, the San Luigi area has layers of clay, sand and marine fossils, which, by compressing, gave rise to light marls. The soil can be, in its two extremes, either clayey or calcareous. Going down the percentage of the first salt that of the second create different types of Marne. When they tend to red, the presence of clay is higher than that of calcium carbonate, while it is tending to white when it is vice versa.

The impact of the soil on the wine gives more power

Planting system: espalier with guyot pruning

Almost all the processes in the vineyard are carried out manually, including the harvest, which takes place by depositing the grapes in small 20kg crates.

The period, in normal climate conditions, occurs around mid-September.

After removing the stalks before pressing the grapes, ferment successively in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks. It carries out the malo-lactic transformation and then refines almost completely in concrete tanks, for about a year.

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