Freisa d’Asti Sorì Di Giul 2013 Tenuta Santa Caterina, Offers, Red wines


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Freisa d’Asti Sorì Di Giul 2013 Tenuta Santa Caterina

Freisa 100%

Garnet red color.

The nose is impressive. Knowing that she is a freisa, she continues to move the glass closer and further away in disbelief. It cannot be, yet it is. Complex and well-defined aromas of ripe red fruit, berries, anticipate aromatic and medicinal herbs. Bitter barks such as cinchona and rhubarb leaves are also present. Spices follow, some spicy, others sweeter. They are many and, as previously said, very well defined

On the palate it expands. It has matter, structure and elegance. In perfect balance, it fully satisfies the taster. Very persistent.

The best freisa ever tasted. He sits at the table with the best expressions of nebbiolo in the region. A great Piedmontese wine.

Freisa d’Asti Sorì Di Giul 2013 Tenuta Santa Caterina

Sorì in Piedmontese wine toponymy indicates the vineyards best exposed to the sun, those favored by the climate. Giul is Giulia: with this diminutive she is nicely called in the family. A wine dedicated to her could not be missing since it represents the female soul of Tenuta Santa Caterina and its future. An author Freisa, rich in perfumes and structure that had been lost in memory. The vineyard of origin is the farm of the Mossetti: in the soil there are clays mixed with fairly superficial sandstone sands and roots capable of balancing the vegetative state and the enrichment of the phenolic ripening of the grapes.


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