Langhe Nebbiolo Runcaja 2020 Burzi, Red wines

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Langhe Nebbiolo Runcaja 2020 Burzi

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%

Pale ruby ​​red.

The nose has aromas of flowers and red fruits and fresh woods. Among the first we can distinguish the rose and the violet, while among the second ones the black cherry, the currant, the wild strawberry and the raspberry stand out above the others. Also some ideas of the undergrowth, that set of scents of grass, moss, hay, leaves and dry branches.

On the palate it is more than satisfactory, for splendid hardness to give rigidity to the structure, and adequate softness to give substance. Fruit aromas are back for a crescendo finish.

Among the Nebbiolos that of Burzi stands out for the freshness and crunchiness of the fruit expressed on the nose, then for the satisfactory drinkability of the sip.

Accompany the tajarin with truffle, the Fassona fillet cooked in a pan and blended with the same nebbiolo. Also excellent with small feathered game: stuffed thrushes and larded snipe.

Langhe Nebbiolo Runcaja 2020 Burzi

The phenotype present in the vineyard is 100% Lampia, while the cultivation area is Santa Maria di La Morra.

Age of the vine: the plants are 15 years old and have a density of 5000 plants per hectare.

The type of cultivation is espalier with guyot pruning with 8 buds, with a yield of about 55 hectoliters per hectare.

After the harvest, carried out manually, it macerates for 6 days at a controlled temperature in stainless steel containers. It is decanted into oak tonneaux, where the alcoholic fermentation continues and the malolactic transformation takes place.

Refine in the same containers on the fermentation residues for at least 6 months.

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