Massal 1945 Carmenere 2018 Clos de Luz, Red wines

Clos de Luz
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Massal 1945 Carmenere 2018 Clos de Luz

Carmenere 100%

Intense purple

On the nose it releases all the power of Carmenere, with conspicuous aromas of ripe fruit, with red plum, cherry and blackberry. Notes of withered flowers, earth and spices add value to the high-value prospect. Notes of chocolate and subtle balsamic veins also make their way.

On the palate it has all the power of Chilean Carmenere, and at the same time the grace obtained with environmentally friendly crops, and above all of very old vines, totally ungrafted. Excellent volume and creaminess expressed, in a vortex well supported by minerality and tannins. Along the finish between aromas of dried plum, spices and aromatic herbs.

Chile has the advantage of being one of the few sites in the world where phylloxera has not taken root. For this reason the vines are all ungrafted, so that they are able to express in a unique way the capabilities of this vine, originally from the Bordeaux area. The resulting red wine is of remarkable quality. Those of Clos de Luz certainly are.

Massal 1945 Carmenere 2018 Clos de Luz

The grapes dedicated to Carmenere Massal 1945 are grown in the oldest plots of the Almahue Valley belonging to the D.O. Rapel Valley. Almahue Valley is located 70 miles southeast of Santiago, 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 25 miles from the Andes.

The vines were planted by grandmother Luz in 1945, on a soil of granite origin, with quartz and ferrous oxidation elements.

All processing is done by hand or with the help of horses. Between the rows they practice green manure and do not use any type of herbicide or chemical fertilizer.

After the harvest, it ferments in stainless steel containers, with the use of indigenous yeasts.

Refine 60% of the mass in French oak barrels of 300 liters of second and third passage, the remainder in new French oak barrels of 400 liters.

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