Provincia di Pavia Barbera SenzAAiuto 2018 Bisi, Red wines

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Provincia di Pavia Barbera SenzAAiuto 2018 Bisi

Variety: Barbera 100%

Without added sulphites

Color between ruby ​​red and purple red.

The nose has exuberant fruity head aromas, with cherry, raspberry and red currant. By swirling the glass, some traces of chlorophyll are added, attributable to the trodden lawn, the earth and its humus. Even tea leaves and cigar tobacco leaves. Finally, but only in order of enunciation, also some ideas of red flower petals, the rose and the more imposing geranium.

On the palate it is well structured with an excellent texture of hardness and similar softness. The intrinsic acidity of the grape stands out copiously, well balanced and compensated by the sweetness expressed by the alcohol content. The aromas that come in the retro olfaction are of fresh fruit and bush berries.

Authentic and sanguine Barbera. Exciting.

Provincia di Pavia Barbera SenzAAiuto 2018 Bisi

The grapes come from a single vineyard called Cà di Paglia, in the municipality of San Damiano al Colle. The soil is made up of clay, silt and limestone.

Bisi leaves spontaneous grassing and no herbicides are used. All the work in the vineyard is carried out manually from pruning to harvest.

Alcoholic fermentation is carried out spontaneously, because it is entrusted only to indigenous yeasts, present on the grapes and in the cellar. One fulling a day, i.e. breaking the cap of the pomace, without the aid of mechanical tools. Once the must becomes wine, it rests with its own yeasts in stainless steel tanks. There is no filtration or practice to artificially clarify the wine.

Filtration takes place with the natural decanting of the heavier parts on the bottom, and the relative decanting. It does not undergo any oenological practice capable of modifying the original characteristics. In the words of Bisi: “nothing has been removed”. No filtration was done, no clarification and no forced stabilization. “Nothing has been added”, because no synthetic sulphites, no other adjuvants or additives have been added.

So Without Help.

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