Rouge igp du Gard 2017 Roc d’Anglade, Red wines

Roc d'Anglade
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Rouge igp du Gard 2017 Roc d’Anglade

Variety: Carignan 55%, Mourvedre 25%, Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault 20%

certified organic

Located within the Languedoc, the grapes are grown around the Langlade dans le Gard winery. The vineyards cover an area of ​​7.5 hectares.

Age of plants: the vines are between 25 and 30 years old.

The soil is made up of predominantly limestone white marls, with silt and silicon.

After the harvest, carried out manually with selection of the best bunches, alcoholic fermentation takes place in open containers, with the use of indigenous yeasts. Normally the duration is 11 days. The transfer takes place without the use of pumps, but by gravity.

After malo-lactic transformation, it ages for 18 months on fine yeasts. The mass is divided by 1/3 in 600 liter tonneau, 1/3 in 1200 liter tonneau and 1/3 in 30 hectoliter oak barrels. After assembly and light filtration it goes into the bottle.

The total sulfur dioxide is very low, 20 mg per liter. The biological limit is 100 mg per liter.

Rouge igp du Gard 2017 Roc d’Anglade

Intense ruby ​​red color

The nose has wonderfully designed and superlative quality perfumes. From raspberries, coriander, hawthorn, leather, black pepper and undergrowth, and a mint that twirls lightly. Of exceptional quality, and without the slightest imprecision.

If the nose had already convinced, the palate becomes even more valuable. Excellent hardness due to vibrant tannins, unusual in Languedoc, and acidity and minerality in step. Yet the creaminess is able to match the structure and make the wine perfectly balanced and harmonious. Aromas of blueberries and mint come from the palate.

No need to look for many adjectives to describe it, Roc d’Anglade has carved a masterpiece, and not only among French red wines, but from all over the world.

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