Toscana Testamatta 2005 Bibi Graetz, Red wines

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Toscana Testamatta 2005 Bibi Graetz

Variety 100% Sangiovese

One of the most famous Tuscan red wines in the world.

The grapes that make up the Testamatta come from the best 5 vineyards of the Bibi Graetz company: Vincigliata, Londa, Lamole, Montefili and Siena. Each vineyard, divided into individual parcels, is harvested up to 8 times, in order to harvest only the grapes that have reached the point of perfect ripeness. The 5 vineyards have in common the age of the vines, which in some cases reach the age of 85. They are found in different areas of Tuscany: Lamole and Montefili in the heart of the Chianti Classico at 600 and 400 meters above sea level, Vincigliata near Florence at 280 meters above sea level, Londa north of Florence, towards the Rufina valley and Siena in southern Tuscany in 250 meters of altitude.

Toscana Testamatta 2005 Bibi Graetz

After arriving in the cellar, the grapes undergo a second selection, destemming and soft pressing.

Fermentations are carried out in a natural way with the use of indigenous yeasts only, in open 225-liter barriques without any temperature control.

During fermentation it undergoes at least 6 punching down. After 7-10 days of maceration, depending on the desire of the vintage, the different plots are transferred to barriques, to remain there for 2 years and finish the aging in wood.

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