Trentino Pinot Nero Vigna Cantanghel 2016 Maso Cantanghel, Red wines

Maso Cantanghel
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Trentino Pinot Nero Vigna Cantanghel 2016 Maso Cantanghel

Variety: Pinot Noir 100%


Pale ruby ​​red color.

The nose spreads out between aromas of wild berries and hints of forest. It is beautiful, clear and fascinating. So among the fruits we find, the red and white currants, then the raspberry. Among the scents of the animal sphere, the more complex ones of fur and feathers emerge. But what elevates him among the great, among the best, is the whole, the synthesis, the sum of the perfumes, the magic of the orchestral symphony.

In the mouth it is confirmed as great, with a substantial balance between hardness and softness. The texture of the glycerines is valuable, giving thickness and consistency to the material. Hardness sustains, hardnesses make the charm unattainable. Acidity, minerality and tannin help each other and help the wine to remain pleasant and inviting. A great Pinot Noir.

Trentino Pinot Nero Vigna Cantanghel 2016 Maso Cantanghel

The Cantanghel vineyard is bordered by a dry stone wall, and from its position it dominates the Alta Valsugana. Oriented to the south, it rises right above the Fersina stream. The soil is composed of sedimentary rocks belonging to a Middle Upper Jurassic formation, generally known as Rosso Ammonitico Veronese.

The average age of the vine is 25 years.

After the harvest, carried out strictly by hand, the pressing takes place. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in French oak vats with temperatures ranging from 28 to 35 ° C. After 20-25 days, the wine is drawn off into steel containers for a first clarification, and then a second racking is carried out in barrique. It remains in wooden barrels for 12 months, returns to steel for assembly and then in the bottle for at least another year.

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