Valtellina Superiore Sassella Il Glicine 2018 Sandro Fay, Red wines

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Valtellina Superiore Sassella Il Glicine 2018 Sandro Fay

Variety: Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo) 100%

Pale ruby ​​red with hints of garnet veins

The nose shines for elegance. Certainly as in all Fay wines, but in particular in Glicine. It has aromas of flowers and fruit from stems, of forest and wild berries, of tobacco and cocoa. Mint floats gracefully, bringing class and classicism.

On the palate it is enveloping and well structured. The entrance is of presence, as much harmony and balance are conspicuous. The subtle texture of tannins, as well as volume and creaminess, are obvious but not obvious. Persistent, between memories of floral, spicy and aromatic aromas.

Unico Valtellina di Fay from a sub-area other than Valgella, it stands out for its refined elegance. It is a perfect interpretation of Nebbiolo della Valtellina.

Valtellina Superiore Sassella Il Glicine 2018 Sandro Fay

Sandro Fay, cultivates the grapes in the vineyard called Il Glicine, in the Sassella sub-area, east of the municipality of Sondrio.

Surface: the vineyard extends for 1 hectare, while the average altitude is 470 meters above sea level.

The soil is mostly sandy, then loamy and clayey.

The training system is espalier with guyot pruning with a yield per hectare of 40 hectoliters.

After harvesting, carried out manually towards the end of October, once in the cellar, the grapes are rasped and alcoholic fermentation is started in stainless steel containers.

It carries out the malolactic transformation and refines part in 500-liter oak tonneaux, and partly in 30-hectolitre oak barrels for at least one year. It further improves in the bottle for six months.

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