Marche Rosato 2019 Filodivino, Rosè wine

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Marche Rosato 2019 Filodivino

Lacrima 100%

Certified organic

Grapes come from different vineyards, part around the estate, in the municipality of San Marcello, and part in the municipality of Ostra, both in the province of Ancona.

They practice soil enrichment by sowing plants that yield nitrogen. Weed only mechanically, in the immediate vicinity of the plant, and let the rest of the row be covered with grass.

After the grape harvest, the grapes are manually turned into the cellar. Partial contact of the must with the skins and subsequent separation. Alcoholic fermentation without skins.

It remains in steel to refine for at least 4 months.

Marche Rosato 2019 Filodivino

Cherry pink color

The nose has persuasive aromas of wild berries, flower petals and spices. Quality of the aromas is remarkably interesting, as they appear sharp and clean, without any pollution penalties due to underlying defects. The drinker is continually invited to bring the glass closer to the nose.

On the palate it is surprising: when a basic thinness is expected, on the contrary we find a voluminous entrance. The stay is quite pleasant, also thanks to the hardness like minerality and acidity. In closing, aromas of wild berries arrive, in particular wild strawberry.

Overall it is an interesting rosé wine, which manages to balance between finesse and power.

The varied ductility of its food pairings, make it become a passpartout wine, that is capable of being on the ground, as in the sea.

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