Bollè Cuvee Brut Andreola, Sparkling wines


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Bollè Cuvee Brut Andreola

Glera 100%

The soil of Andreola where the vineyards are raised has a clayey matrix with sandstone subsoil.

Training system: Modified Capuchin.

Yield per hectare: it is 180 quintals.

Sparkling method: Martinotti.

Sugar residue 12 grams per liter.

Bollè Cuvee Brut Andreola

Pale straw yellow color.

Floral and fruity on the nose, with pear in classic evidence. Even white flowers with delicate aromas are distinguished from the whole.

On the palate this sparkling wine is soft and pleasant. The dosage and the range of sensations it evokes make it perfectly adherent to the territory it represents. He too without bitter notes, the ideal companion for carefree aperitifs.

Curiosity: Many think that Prosecco is a production method, while it was the name of the grape variety and the wine that was produced from it. To better protect and enhance the denomination of controlled origin, the law intervened, and the Ministerial Decree 21 / July / 2009 states that the name Prosecco will no longer be used to indicate the vine, but only the ancient and dialectal synonym Glera. Prosecco is therefore the wine, which is produced in specific areas, from the Glera grape.

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