Alto Adige Moscato Giallo Graf 2019 Merano, White wines

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Alto Adige Moscato Giallo Graf 2019 Merano

Variety: Gold Muskateller 100%

The vineyards that compete to produce the Moscato Giallo of the Graf line are located in the municipalities of Marlengo, Cermes Lana and Lagundo. Plant ages are between 5 years of the youngest to 30 years of the oldest.

Training system: it is espalier with guyot pruning. The yield per hectare is 55 quintals.

Altitude: it’s varies from 400 meters s.l.m. of the lowest at 600 meters s.l.m. of the highest. The soils are very different from each other: porous derivatives, sandy, with a high percentage of gravel, clay with copious amounts of humus.

After the harvest the grapes are rasped and undergo a cold maceration for 12 hours. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out in stainless steel containers, where it is aged for 5 months on the lees, without carrying out the malolactic transformation.

Alto Adige Moscato Giallo Graf 2019 Merano

Straw yellow color.

The nose is persuasive, caressing with aromas that recall citrus fruits, oranges and lemons in particular. Follows the exotic fruit, with mango and pineapple, and fruit, yellow peach, mango and being an aromatic grape, of the Muscat itself. There are also intense yellow flowers, and some aromatic herbs such as mint and basil.

On the palate the excellent acidity, in addition to 6 g / l, and the minerality give a rigid shoulder to the overall profile, so as to be able to bring the balance between hardness and softness into balance. Voluminous and agile. Very persistent.

Sharing with the gewürztraminer the belonging to the same group, that is, of the aromatic vines, happily accompanies spicy, spicy dishes such as vegetable couscous, nasi goreng, creole shrimp etc. Excellent with goat cheese and with Bruss.


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