Alto Adige Val Venosta Riesling 2016 Falkenstein, White wines

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Alto Adige Val Venosta Riesling 2016 Falkenstein

Variety: Riesling Renano 100%

Riesling is grown in the highest areas of the vineyard.

The harvest takes place strictly by hand between the beginning and mid-October.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in large acacia wood barrels. A refinement of ten months follows on coarse lees, always in the same barrels. Bottled, it remains in the bottle for another 12 months, and only then has it arrived on the market.

Alto Adige Val Venosta Riesling 2016 Falkenstein

Straw yellow with clear green reflections.

The nose has head aromas of gentle white flowers and citrus fruits. Moving the glass, the white-fleshed fruits arrive, peach in particular, followed by the medlar. Even stone ideas in the sun. Very young, therefore the hydrocarbon notes that will distinguish it and make it unmistakable at a mature age are not yet perceptible.

Slightly and pleasantly unbalanced on the hardness, it has acidity and minerality to dominate the gustatory phase. On the soft side, we also have an excellent creaminess for this vintage, a sugary residue and an alcohol content to bring overall sweetness. A year in the bottle will give it that formidable balance, which characterizes the wines, well made, generated from this wonderful grape variety. The finish is persistent.

Among the Italian rieslings, Falkenstein‘s is always one of the best

The renowned Falkenstein farm, in Italian the Rocca del Falco, owned for 400 years by the Pratzner family, is located above Naturno, in Val Venosta, close to Mount Sonnenberg, in Italian Monte del Sole. In 1989 the current owner Franz Pratzner and his wife Bernadette decide to abandon apple cultivation and concentrate on wine production. A further stage of evolution took place in 1995, when they chose to market their wines with their own label.

The vineyard is located in a particularly suitable area, located on steep slopes facing south, at an altitude ranging from 590 to 900 m asl. The sun hits the bunches for most of the day, generating hot days and cool nights, so to have an excellent temperature range. Detail that allows you to naturally develop the scents and aromas of the white grape varieties they cultivate: Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and above all the Riesling Renano, which is rightly considered one of the best in southern Germany. Absolutely not to forget the excellent Pinot Noir, year after year more and more precise and characteristic. For several years he too has been one of the best in the whole region and in Italy.

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