Chablis 2019 Bernard Defaix, White wines

Bernard Defaix
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Chablis 2019 Bernard Defaix

Variety: Chardonnay 100%

After the harvest, alcoholic fermentation takes place exclusively in stainless steel containers. In the following six months the yeasts are put back into suspension, and normally remain in the wine for a period ranging from 8 to 12 months.

Chablis 2019 Bernard Defaix

Straw yellow.

On the nose, aromas of citrus with a yellow color are perceived, in particular grapefruit and lemon. The delicate flowers and some marine sensations follow. Over time it will evolve acquiring notes of butter, yellow flowers and spices. I keep in mind that every vintage is different and therefore also the evolutions will have different facets.

On the palate it shows an excellent balance between hardness and softness, The structure is supported by the typical minerality of the area, and acidity. The resulting creaminess and volume are adequate. Persistent. From the mouth come aromas of fruit and iodine.

Excellent vintage, which is declined in structured and complex wines, with great ability to evolve beautifully over time.

Bernard Defaix, together with his two sons Sylvain and Didier, represent the third and fourth generation of winemakers. They are owners of 25 hectares in the Chablis appellation. Eleven are at Premier Cru, Côte de Lechet, Les Vaillons and Les Lys, 12 hectares of Chablis and 2 hectares of Petit Chablis.

They cultivate the vines following the biological principles. For decades now they have not used herbicides, to increase the presence of useful insects. In some cases they use the technique of sexual confusion, distributing in the pheromone vineyards. In doing so, they prevent the males of the harmful insects from finding the females to fertilize them and, consequently, to deposit the eggs for their proliferation.

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