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Collio Bianco 2018 Raccaro

Variety: Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio

The Raccaro vineyards stretch for 6.5 hectares on the slopes of Mount Quarin, in the municipality of Cormons, and in the province of Gorizia.

The soil is composed of a combination of sandstone marls, locally called Ponka. A complex name that indicates the set of clay and sedimented calcium fractions, punctuated by a large quantity of marine fossils, which deposited on the bottom of what, which 45 million years ago was a sea.

The particular structure of the soil gives, in particular to white wines, an excellent structure made of uncommon freshness and minerality, together with the ability to develop a good alcohol content.

The grapes are harvested manually, separating the individual varieties. As soon as they reach the cellar they make a cold maceration. Then it ferments in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature.

Once the respective fermentations are finished, in November they proceed to cutting and let the whole mass hone together in stainless steel containers until the following spring.

Collio Bianco 2018 Raccaro

Intense straw yellow color.

The nose has a range of wonderful scents, in intensity, quality and. and certain quantity. Broom, gerbera and chamomile flowers precede some more vegetable notes, and almond. Yellow peach and medlar, with honey and dried citrus peels further raise the complexity. They stay in the glass for a long time, chasing each other, playing and having fun.

On the palate it is joy. When the olfactory prospect is of such magnitude, it can only prove to be grandiose even tasting it. Here is the added value of the ponka, which that long-time winemaker, Dario, is admirably able to satisfy. It has everything and in the right way. Fabulous creaminess set in a firm and reliable structure. If there was a word to overcome and sublimate the concept of balance, it should be used for all its wines.

The peculiarity of its wines is that of maintaining this sumptuous balance for many years. That’s right, and without ever giving the impression of being a “tired” wine.

The Raccaro company is considered by the most expert and selective critics to be one of the best in Friuli, therefore in Italy.

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