Collio Friulano Belvedere 2015 Primosic, White wines


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Collio Friulano Belvedere 2015 Primosic

Variety: Friulano 100%

Produced with only grapes harvested in the Belvedere vineyard in Lucinico, a district in the municipality of Gorizia.
The land is composed of Marne with clay and sand.

The plant density is 6000 vines per hectare. The breeding system is against espalier with Guyot pruning.

The production is 51 quintals per hectare.

After the harvest, carried out manually using small crates, the grapes reach the cellar where the stalk is removed.

It proceeds with soft pressing and cold maceration with peel contact and static decantation. They are decanted in stainless steel fermenters, raise the temperature to 18 ° C, add the selected yeasts and start the alcoholic fermentation.

It is refined in the same stainless steel containers in contact with the residues of yeasts for a long time.

Collio Friulano Belvedere 2015 Primosic
Straw yellow color.

The nose has aromas of fruit and fresh flowers. We can distinguish the plum Regina Claudia, the medlar and stuffed and baked peaches, with that distant hint of amaretto. Also the scents of more delicate flowers, such as acacia, gardenia and magnolia are present.

On the palate emerges the minerality with the support of a good acidity. On the side of softness we must point out the creaminess expressed by glycerine and a slight residual sugar. Overall it is balanced. Persistent.

In the retro olfation come classic aromas of bitter almond and aromatic herbs. The progression it has had over time is very interesting.

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