Falanghina del Sannio Cese 2018 Fosso degli Angeli, White wines


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Falanghina del Sannio Cese 2018 Fosso degli Angeli

Variety: Falanghina 100%

Independent Winegrowers

Certified organic

Pale straw yellow color

The nose has gentle and delicate scents of the sea, then of exotic fresh fruit. Some floral notes follow, from daisy, broom and meadow flowers. But it is the iodized notes perceived in the beginning that come and go, making it compelling.

On the palate it shows form and substance in great balance with each other. The softness gives thickness and volume to a sip rich in sparkling hardness. It envelops the palate and leaves it pleasantly between aromas of papaya, chamomile and queen claudia plum.

Overall it is a Campania white wine with gentle and satisfying mineral and floral tones.

Great ability to age, then showing off gentle notes of hydrocarbons.

Falanghina del Sannio Cese 2017 Fosso degli Angeli

The vineyards of Fosso degli Angeli are located in the municipality of Casalduni in the province of Benevento, where the soil is clayey and calcareous, of volcanic origin. The altitude of 560 meters above sea level allows it to mature in an environment tending to cool, and with good night excursions.

Age of the plants: The vineyard was planted in 2012 with a part in 2018.

The density is 3500 plants per hectare and a yield of 70 quintals per hectare.

After the harvest, carried out manually between the end of September and the beginning of October, it carries out a cryo maceration for 12 hours and soft pressing. Ferments in stainless steel containers, without peel, but with indigenous yeasts.

Refine in the same containers for 12 months and at least another 12 in the bottle

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Wine il vino 2018 91 / 100