Provincia di Pavia Riesling LaGrà 2019 Bisi, White wines

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Provincia di Pavia Riesling LaGrà 2019 Bisi

Variety: Riesling Renano 100%

Pale straw yellow color with green reflections.

The nose has aromas of citrus fruits such as mandarin and clementine, then gentle white flowers, such as hawthorn and those of the meadow. Fruits follow, with white peach and medlar. Some aromatic herbs, such as sage and thyme, also widen and enrich the bouquet.

In the mouth the youthful exuberance makes it sharp, by virtue of well-designed acidity and minerality. Precisely the minerality that now stands out above everything else, giving it extreme drinkability, will be even more its value in perspective. Because what is now extreme will, over time, become adorable complexity.

Excellent with sea bass carpaccio, and all raw sea fish, It is also enhanced with fried cod and fried vegetables in batter.

Provincia di Pavia Riesling LaGrà 2019 Bisi

The Riesling Renano vines are cultivated with espalier with guyot pruning, with a density of 5700 plants per hectare and a yield of 90 quintals.

Harvest carried out by hand when the grapes are perfectly ripe, with selection of the best bunches and berries.

Ferments in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature.

Refine in the same containers on the fermentation residues for at least 4 months. After a very light filtration and a further 2 months rest it arrives on the market.

The Bisi company was founded in 1926 with the purchase of the first vineyard: the historic Roncolongo.

The further step is to build a cellar for the processing of the grapes harvested from the owned vineyard and the refining of the wines that derived from those grapes. From the beginning, Claudio Bisi’s grandfather had a clear goal: to produce quality wines.

Claudio Bisi represents the third generation, however the love for the land and the passion for wine have remained the fulcrum of all the activities and initiatives, which have determined the development and growth of the company to date.

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