Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato Grand Père 2016 Biovio, White wines


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Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato Grand Père 2016 Biovio

Pigato 100%

Certified organic

Produced with grapes from the “Marixe” vineyard in Bastia d’Albenga, harvested after the middle of October.

Grape maceration of the grapes and fermentation in steel on the skins without adding selected yeasts. Matures 10 months in first and second passage tonneaux and 4 in bottles.

Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato Grand Père 2016 Biovio

Intense straw yellow with gold reflections.

As soon as you approach the nose, a smile naturally blossoms. A direct correspondence of pleasure, which from the palate slips into every trickle of my body. It’s a matter of moments, yet I lose myself. The mind runs fast. From the land to the sea. yellow peach, apricot and exotic mango. The candied citrus peels, and for that vaguely smoky sensation, the bergamot. Among the flowers stands out a splendid broom. There are aromas of spices and dried fruit. In conclusion, the Mediterranean scrub. At a second smell I better define the scent of peach, which is the stuffed one. That scent that escaped my mother’s oven while she cooked them.

On the palate it is even sumptuous. Perfectly balanced, among the hardness also an unusual yet very gentle tannin, extracted from the ancient fermentation. Now the salinity no longer surprises us, however valuable it is. It has a lot of matter and is well designed. It remains in the mouth with authority, it seems eager to be admired, like a wonderful race horse launched at a trot. Return the almond to the finish in a pleasant way. The ending for a climax to grow is very persistent.

I love it.

Without hesitation I place it among the best 10 Italian whites

Excellent to accompany almost all the dishes of traditional Ligurian cuisine and not just that.

Like his younger brothers it is amazing with the Albenga artichokes, breaded and fried, as Chiara, the affectionate wife of Aimone and mother of Caterina, who served them warm at the end of the tasting.


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