Terre Siciliane Currivu 2016 Marilina, White wines

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Terre Siciliane Currivu 2016 Marilina

Variety: Viognier and Chardonnay


Golden yellow color.

The first surprises come to the nose, dismantling the castles built, observing the color. No opulence, but elegance. Sharp, precise perfumes. The dried flowers, those which previously belonged to the meadow. Citrus fruits not fresh, but candied. Not the oranges, but the chinotto and bergamot. Ripe fruit is also added. Then the caresses of talc, and the sweetness of honey.

In the mouth it has a lot of matter, without ever being abundant, because it is held in the boundaries by hardness in great dust. Acidity, minerality and a light tannin, extracted from maceration with the skins, are the standard bearers of the drinkability of the wine. The softnesses do not refrain from comparison, and the pseudo-heat of the degree, with the glycerines of the poly-alcohols, support it in balance.

Thick white wine, which honors the entire Sicilian production of quality wines.

Terre Siciliane Currivu 2016 Marilina

The cultivation, winemaking and aging techniques adopted give us an ancient wine. Extreme in its own way, of course, but only because massification has led the average taste, to consider the artificial as normal, an exception, this should be the rule.

Mario Soldati would have liked the wines of this cellar very much, and perhaps they could have represented the synthesis, between his thought and that of Luigi Veronelli.

Cantina Marilina is an organic and vegan winery, located in Noto, in the province of Syracuse. Owners of vineyards naturally suited, for all those facets that form the Terroir, the Paternò sisters apply the dictates of organic agriculture, with passion and conviction.

In the cellar they follow the same path, with non-induced fermentations, in concrete wine vessels, where the wine then refines. Filtration is by decanting first and with the use of natural products then. To limit the environmental impact, the labels are printed on recycled paper, the glass of the bottles is thin.

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