Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

All the customers using the services offered by Wineilvino declare to know and accept the following general conditions.

The owner of Wineilvino is

Wineonline  Srl

Registered office
Via Galileo Galilei 45, 20010 Cornaredo (MI)
Capitale sociale:  euro ( 50.000 i.v.)
P.IVA: 03979210162

tel. +39 0363 560620

Information about Wineilvino
Wineilvino is an e-commerce website, selling online wine and other alcoholics.

Selling alcoholic products to minors is forbidden
The law of 8th November 2012 acknowledged the decree-law 13th September 2012 n/158, which declares that selling alcoholic products to minors is forbidden, therefore the customer declares to have reached the age of majority. The customer also declares that the receiver of the alcoholic product has reached the age of majority too.

Contents submitted by the customer and third parties
The users are responsible for their own contents and those of third parties who share on Wineilvino, by their submission, the insertion of contents or any other modality. The users release the owner from liabilities in relation to the non-authorized diffusion of third parties contents or to the usage of Wineilvino with modalities against the law.
Wineilvino doesn’t execute any activity concerning moderation of contents published by the customer or by others, but in any case it will delete any offensive intervention, whether it will find them personally, from other users’ warnings or from orders made by public authorities.

Rights on content submitted by users
The only rights granted to Wineilvino concerning contents submitted by user are those which are necessary to function and maintenance of Wineilvino.

In order to buy, the users must registrate by inserting, in a complete and true way, all the requested data in the registration form and accept privacy policy and the present terms and conditions. The Owner doesn’t have visibility of the access credential of his users, so they necessarily have to keep them.

Purchase procedure
All the orders that have been sent have to be considered as an offer for the purchase of the products published on the website. The orders are subject to the availability and acceptation of the owner, who reserves the possibility of not confirming an order, especially in case of unavailable products. In this case the owner will refund the price and shipping costs payed by the customer.
The actual availability of a product is approximative, because different users can buy it at the same time and make unavailable a product that another user has already put in the cart.
The order is made by the confirmation of it and it depends on the price, taxes and shipping costs payment written in the order recap.
The receipt of the order doesn’t make a proper acceptation of the order. The contract conclusion happens during the sending of the order confirmation at the email address provided by the user. The owner reserves the possibility of not confirming an order by communicating it to the user.

Of course, all the prices published on the website are VAT and excise duty included concerning alcoholics. Prices may vary without any notice.

Deliveries are usually made within 72 hours in Italy and from 5 to 10 working days in Europe, related to the Country, except for another timing specified in the order confirmation. In some critical periods for couriers, such as Christmas and other festivities, some delays with the delivery may happen. The shipment fees are shown in details in the Shipment section of our website. For limitations imposed by law, distilled products can’t be delivered outside Italy.
The owner is not responsible for eventual damages dued to late deliveries.
At the moment of delivery, the customer must check the content before accepting it, specifying in the delivery module given by the courier eventual faults. In case of missed recall within the day established by the transporter, the products will be given back to the owner, who will refund the price of the products, except for the shipment fees. The owner can’t be considered as responsible for mistakes during deliveries due to improprieties during the compilation of the order by the customer.

Methods of payment
Wine il vino uses third part’s instruments to process payments and doesn’t get in touch with payment data – such as those concerning credit cards – in any way.
In case of payment with PayPal, Wine il vino will keep a code matched with the customer’s PayPal account during the purchase, which authorizes Wine il vino to use it for future purchases, and won’t be necessary to insert your own access data again. Is it possible to lift in any moment the authorization by making a specified request to the contacts listed in this document.

Right of withdrawal
Everybody can change his mind, we grant it. Due to the european regulation, from the legislative decree of the 21st February 2014, in case of purchase of products or services the customer has the right to withdraw without telling any reason within 14 days. The period of withdrawal ends in 14 days starting from the day when the customer or somebody else – excluding the courier – gains physical possession of the products.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer has to inform the Holder of his/her decision to withdraw by email with an explicit declaration to ordini@wineilvino.it. In the mail the customer must specify

  1. Invoice number
  2. Day of reception and physical possession of the goods
  3. The products of which he/she wants to exercise the rights of withdrawal
  4. Name, surname and address of the customer
  5. Iban code of the bank account where we will make the refund

Wineilvino will send a confirmation by email to the customer where it will make an agreement for the delivery procedure. The delivery of the products will be made within 14 days from the customer communication by courier, who will retire the products the day and the time agreed.

The goods must be packed with the original packaging or similar, to make the transport as safe as possible.

The Holder will refund the customer within 14 days starting from his/her communication of intention to withdraw the contract.

The seller is legitimate to keep the refund until he gets the goods or a proof that they have been sent.
The customer is charged only of the shipment fees to send the goods to Wineilvino operational base in viale Oriano 20/d 24047 Treviglio (BG).

Before withdrawing, the consumer has the right to establish the nature, the features and function of what he/she bought. This means that he/she can do anything that he would do while buying the product in a shop. If the customer exceeds with this verification, leading to a decrease of the value of the goods, he/she still has the right to withdraw, but this time he/she has to pay this value decrease.
The customer is responsible only for the decrease of the value of the goods due to a wrong manipulation. Any used or partially damaged good won’t be refund.

The supply of tailor made or custom goods are excluded from the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Warranty, which means faulty products or with a cheap taste
If the customer finds out a faulty wine with a cheap taste, he/she has to tap the half-full bottle with the original tap and write to ordini@wineilvino.it within 24 months from the purchase and not beyond two months from the discover of the fault. The customer will have to send the faulty bottles to Wineilvino operational base in viale Oriano 20/d 24047 Treviglio (BG). The bottles will be examined and judged by Wineilvino and if we state the same fault we substitute the bottle, otherwise we will offer a coupon of the same amount.

Electronic invoice
By making an order on the website www.wineilvino.it, you give your agreement to receve invoice only electronically. The invoice must be printed and archived as original, as seen on the IRS Bulletin 18/E, 24/06/2014.

The service is provided “as it is”
The service is provided by the owner “as it is”, without any expressed or implicit warranty for its accurancy or availability.

Service interruption

The owner reserves the right to add or remove functions of features such as interrupt or suspend the service provision, both in temporary or definitely. In case of definitive interruption, the owner will act as possible to allow its customers to take their own information hosted by the owner.

Service resale
Users are not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or to capitalize on any portion of Wine il vino and of its services without the owner permission.

Wineilvino is an official Wineonline s.r.l.  brand, thence pictures, texts, descriptions, considerations and anything included in this website are property of Wineonline srl.
Therefore, partial or whole reproduction of any part of the website, pictures and texts included, are forbidden without an explicit authorization made by Wineonline srl.

User’s Account cancellation and closure
All registered users can disconnect their own accounts, ask for their cancellation or interrupt the usage of the service in any moment through Wineilvino website or by contacting the owner.
The owner, in case of Terms violation, reserves the right to suspend or close the user’s account in any moment and without notice.

Terms alterations
The owner reserves the right to make alterations to these Terms in any moment, giving advice to the user by their publishment in wineilvino.it. The alterations substitute and delete the previous ones, therefore the user who used the service before those alterations automatically accepts new terms.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
The Terms and all the disputes concerning execution, interpretation and valuability of this contract are subject to the law and jurisdiction of the italian state. The jurisdiction will be the one chosen bu the consumer.


Concerning violations in the consumer’s code – even for misleading advertising or incorrect commercial practises – the referring authority is the Competition Authority, to whom you can send reports online on the www.agcm.it website.