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Privacy Policy

This website collects some personal data of its users.

Owner of data processing

Wine On Line S.r.l.
P.IVA 03979210162
Registered office in Via Piave, 1 – 24043 Caravaggio BG

General information about cookies


Cookies are made of portion of code installed inside your browser. They’re small text files which are sent by visited websites to their terminals, where they are stored and transmitted again to the same sites for further visits. Cookies are used for several goals, they have several peculiarities and they can be used both by the website owner or the user visiting the website, or by third parties. The main categories in which cookies can be divided are the following:

  • Session or permanent cookies

  • Technical or profilation cookies

  • First or third parties’ cookies

Session or permanent cookies

Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (the period between the opening of a browser tab from the user and its closing) or they can be stored for a longer period. Session cookies expire when the browser session ends. Permanent cookies are stored on the user’s device between browser sessions for variable periods, and they allow to save preferences or user’s actions concerning a website.

Technical or profilation cookies

Technical cookies are used from the owner of a website only in order to transfer a communication on an electronic communication network, or if strictly needed from the provider of a service explicitly asked by the subscriber or by the user. The installation of those cookies can be made without a direct user’s approval, if they are directly used from the website owner.
Profilation cookies are made to create user’s profile and they are used in order to send advertisements which suit the user’s tastes shown while surfing the web. Due to their intrusivenes in private, European and italian regulations stipulates that the user must be informed about the use of cookies by a short message (banner) and a long one available on the website, he/she also has to give an approval during the first visit. This approval can be expressed generally, interacting the informative banner placed on the homepage, with the procedure explained in that banner, or it can be provided or denied in a selective way, with the following procedures. This approval is tracked for further visits. Nevertheless, the user can always abrogate the whole or part of the approval.

First or third parties’ cookies

A cookie is a “first party cookie” or a “third party cookie” according to the website or the domain from which it comes from.
First party cookies are framed and managed from the owner of the website. For these cookies the information, acquisition of approval or the possible cookie block is up to the owner’s responsibility.
Third party cookies are framed by a different domain. For these cookies the information, acquisition of approval or the possible cookie block is up to the third party’s responsibility, while the owner only must insert in the website the third party’s link where those elements are available.

Kind of stored data

Among personal data picked by this website, independently or by third parties, there are: cookies, usage data, name, surname, country, phone number and email address.

Other personal data could be shown in other sections of this privacy policy or by informative texts shown during data storing.
Personal data can be inserted by the user or picked automatically while using this website.
The possible cookies usage – or other tracking tools – from this website or from the owner of third services used by this website, if not specified, has the function of identify users and record preferences for service purposes.
If the user doesn’t provide some personal data, this website may not be able to provide its services.

The users takes responsibility of third parties’ personal data published or shared with this website and grants to have right to communicate or spread them, removing owner’s responsibility for third parties.

Methods and place of data processing

Methods of processing

The owner treats users’ personal data using proper safety methods in order to avoid unauthorized access, spread, modification or destruction of personal data. The processing is made with IT or telematic tools, with organizational methods and with logics strictly related to the declared purposes. Besides the owner, sometimes, some others responsibles involved with this website may have access to data (such as accountables, commercials, marketing managers, legals, system administrators), which means external subjects (such as third parties’ technical services providers, couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) named by, if needed, responsibles of treatment for the owner. The complete list of those responsibles may always be requested to the owner.


Data are managed at the operational base of the owner and in any other place in which the parties involved are placed in. Contact the owner for further information.


Data are processed for a period of time necessary for a proper service, the user can ask for the interruption of this process or its cancellation in any time.

Purposes of data processing

User’s data are picked to allow the owner to provide his/her services and for these purposes: interaction with social networks and external platforms, statistics and contacting the user.

The kind of personal data used for each purpose are shown in specified section in this document.

Details about data processing

Personal data are picked for the following purposes and using the following services:

  • Contacting the user

    Contact form (this website)
    The user, filling the form with his/her own data, allows their usage to answer to information inquiries, quotations or any other kind shown in the form header.
    Personal data picked: surname, email address, country, name and phone number.

  • Interacting with social networks and external platforms

    These services allow to have interactions with social networks, or external platforms, directly from the pages of this website.
    Interactions and information picked by this website are subject to user’s privacy policy related to each social network.
    If a service of interaction with social networks is installed, it is possible that, if users do not use that service, it picks traffic data related to the pages in which it is installed.

    “Like” button and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)

    “Like” button and Facebook social widgets are interaction service with Facebook social network, provided by Facebook, Inc.
    Personal data: cookies and usage data.
    Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

    “Tweet” button and Twitter social widgets (Twitter, Inc.)

    provided by Twitter, Inc.
    Personal data: cookies and usage data.
    Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

  • Statistics

    Google Inc.


    Personal data picked
    • Cookies
    • Usage data

    Privacy Policy
    Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses personal data to track and examine the usage of this website, make reports and share them with other services powered by Google. Google may use personal data to contextualize and customize advertisement in its own advertisement network.
    This Google Analytics integration makes your IP anonymous. Anonymisation works shortening inside the boundaries of the EU Countries or in other Countries adhering to the agreement about Economical European Space the users’ IP. Just for exceptions, the IP will be sent to Google’s servers and shortened in the USA.

How can I control cookies installation?

In addiction to the information written in this document, the user can manage preferences related to cookies directly inside his/her browser and not allow – for instance – third parties to install them. With browser preference is also possible to delete cookies installed before, cookies in which you save the approval of this installation from this website included. It is importante to notice that not allowing all the cookies the correct usage of this website could be compromized. You can find any information needed at: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

In case of third parties’ services, the user can also exercises his/her right to not avoid tracking by informing through third party’s privacy policy, by opt out link if clearly provided in this cookie policy or by contacting it.

The owner informs that the user can avail Your Online Choices. With this service it is possible to manage traking preferences of most of advertising tools. The owner suggests users to use that resource in addition to the information in this document.

Further information about processing

Protection in the courts

User’s personal data can be used for protection in courts by the owner or in the propaedeutic phases to its instauration, against improper use of the same or related services from the user.
The user declares to be aware that the owner could reveal data on public authorities’ request.

Specific information

At user’s proposal, in addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, this website could give to the user further information about specific services, or the collection and processing of personal data.

System and maintenance log

For urgency related to funcion and maintenance, this website and third party’s services used by it could collect system logs, which means file recording interactions which can also contain personal data, such as the IP.

Informazion not included in this policy

Further information related to personal data processing can be asked in any moment to the owner using contact information.

Exercise of user rights

I soggetti cui si riferiscono i dati personali hanno il diritto in qualunque momento di ottenere la conferma dell’esistenza o meno degli stessi presso il titolare del trattamento, di conoscerne il contenuto e l’origine, di verificarne l’esattezza o chiederne l’integrazione, la cancellazione, l’aggiornamento, la rettifica, la trasformazione in forma anonima o il blocco dei dati personali trattati in violazione di legge, nonché di opporsi in ogni caso, per motivi legittimi, al loro trattamento. Le richieste vanno rivolte al titolare del trattamento.

Questo sito web non supporta le richieste “do not track”. Per conoscere se gli eventuali servizi di terze parti utilizzati le supportano, consulta le loro privacy policy.

Modifiche a questa privacy policy

Il titolare del trattamento si riserva il diritto di apportare modifiche alla presente privacy policy in qualunque momento dandone pubblicità agli utenti su questa pagina. Si prega dunque di consultare spesso questa pagina, prendendo come riferimento la data di ultima modifica indicata in fondo. Nel caso di mancata accettazione delle modifiche apportate alla presente privacy policy, l’utente è tenuto a cessare l’utilizzo di questo sito web e può richiedere al titolare del trattamento di rimuovere i propri dati personali. Salvo quanto diversamente specificato, la precedente privacy policy continuerà ad applicarsi ai dati personali sino a quel momento raccolti.

Informazioni su questa privacy policy

Il titolare del trattamento dei dati è responsabile per questa privacy policy.

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