Right of withdrawal
Everybody can change his mind, we grant it. Due to the european regulation, from the legislative decree of the 21st February 2014, in case of purchase of products or services the customer has the right to withdraw without telling any reason within 14 days. The period of withdrawal ends in 14 days starting from the day when the customer or somebody else – excluding the courier – gains physical possession of the products.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer has to inform the Holder of his/her decision to withdraw by email with an explicit declaration to ordini@wineilvino.it. In the mail the customer must specify

  1. Invoice number
  2. Day of reception and physical possession of the goods
  3. The products of which he/she wants to exercise the rights of withdrawal
  4. Name, surname and address of the customer
  5. Iban code of the bank account where we will make the refund

Wineilvino will send a confirmation by email to the customer where it will make an agreement for the delivery procedure. The delivery of the products will be made within 14 days from the customer communication by courier, who will retire the products the day and the time agreed.

The goods must be packed with the original packaging or similar, to make the transport as safe as possible.

The Holder will refund the customer within 14 days starting from his/her communication of intention to withdraw the contract.

The seller is legitimate to keep the refund until he gets the goods or a proof that they have been sent.
The customer is charged only of the shipment fees to send the goods to Wineilvino operational base in viale Oriano 20/d 24047 Treviglio (BG).

Before withdrawing, the consumer has the right to establish the nature, the features and function of what he/she bought. This means that he/she can do anything that he would do while buying the product in a shop. If the customer exceeds with this verification, leading to a decrease of the value of the goods, he/she still has the right to withdraw, but this time he/she has to pay this value decrease.
The customer is responsible only for the decrease of the value of the goods due to a wrong manipulation. Any used or partially damaged good won’t be refund.

The supply of tailor made or custom goods are excluded from the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Warranty, which means faulty products or with a cheap taste

If the customer finds out a faulty wine with a cheap taste, he/she has to tap the half-full bottle with the original tap and write to ordini@wineilvino.it within 24 months from the purchase and not beyond two months from the discover of the fault. The customer will have to send the faulty bottles to Wineilvino’s  base in via Galielo Galilei 45, 20010 Cornaredo (MI). The bottles will be examined and judged by Wineilvino and if we state the same fault we substitute the bottle, otherwise we will offer a coupon of the same amount.