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Cannonau di Sardegna Neale 2018 Cantine di Orgosolo

Variety: Cannonau 100%

Ruby red color.

The nose has intense aromas of fresh fruit, with black cherry in alcohol in particular evidence. Followed by green notes and those of aromatic herbs, Mediterranean scrub and finally fine and fascinating notes of desalinated anchovy.

On the palate it is rich and broad, with minerality and freshness leading the ranks of hardness. In particular, the sip is plentiful and enveloping, so as to bring balance and harmony to the whole.

Overall the Neale is a winning interpretation of Cannonau with a small part of Bovale. The intentions of the producers had to be a simple wine, which embodies the immediacy of Cannonau vinified in steel. The reality is quite different, because Sardinian wine has facets of complexity, which go well beyond sufficient.

Cannonau di Sardegna Neale 2018 Cantine di Orgosolo

The Cantina di Orgosolo cultivates the grapes for Neale in various vineyards located in the Locoe and Sorasi valleys in the municipality of Orgosolo and in the province of Nuoro.

Planted with the sapling and spurred cordon training system.

The harvest is done manually between the middle and the end of September. It carries out alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel containers using only indigenous yeasts.

Refine for 6 months in stainless steel containers and then in the bottle for at least another 3 months.

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