Our idea

The first thing that everybody asked us is: why?
Everytime, more astonished than ever, we answered: because it’s our job. Simple, isn’t it?
Well, we thougt it was. If “on-line” wine is being commercialized by non-professionals in this peculiar field, why shouldn’t we do it, since we started to sell wine thirty years ago?

We are not sommeliers or enologists who choose wine by ourselves. Because enologists make wine, they don’t choose it.
Because we both value and choose wine.
We don’t wait for guides or special magazines that suggest which wine you should buy, even though it has a high score. We choose our wines for our own scores. Sometimes guides confirm what we actually think, sometimes not, and sometimes the wines that we buy aren’t even on those guides.
Because our scores are free. Because some companies don’t send their wine to guides. Nobody gives us anything for our scores.

“We pay our wine when we buy it.”

Sometimes business agents, before they take office with a wine company, come to us with blind bottles to have a binding judgement.

We don’t buy the whole production of a certaing company, we take only what we think is good.
Because almost no one makes everything nicely. The exceptions only can be found amoung small producers who make two or three kind of wine, or those who produce several interpretations of the same vineyard. What we consider good, to be as clear as day, is a wine which deserves a minimum score of 82/100. Because from 90/100 we can almost find excellence, and above 95/100 shades of pure perfection.

We are not those entrepreneurs who are worried to show us for how we are not, nor to assume unfair honors we cannot confirm with real facts.

“Drinking a few bottles of wine doesn’t mean being competent.”

We are not those entrepreneurs willing to reboost companies on bankrupt, ready to convert part of the factories in burning and sordid stocks of wine.

“We don’t sell anything possible. Just what do know very well.”

And we didn’t even talked about passion…