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Valpolicella Classico Superiore Corte Monte 2015 Montecariano

Variety: Corvina and Corvinone 65%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara, Croatina and Oseleta 10%.

Ruby red

The nose is pure class. It highlights hints of dark berries, the undergrowth where they grow wild and different spices. The black pepper among these, then the tobacco and among the aromatic herbs, the basil, towards the closure. It adds value to the variety of perfumes, even their cleanliness and sharpness. Overall an excellent olfactory perspective.

In the mouth it stands out for its balance, with which the various elements fit together lightly. Excellent acidity and minerality, with a tannin present, but just mentioned. For softness, we observe a good heat, but above all an excellent volume and creaminess. Aromas of ripe fruit and mint date from the palate.

Valpolicella Classico Superior of class and elegance. Excellent and despite having several years of growing up, it’s also perfect to drink now.

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Corte Monte 2015 Montecariano

The vineyards are all located in San Pietro in Cariano, in one of the best areas of the whole Valpolicella appellation.

The harvest is carried out manually and the consequent fermentation takes place in thermoregulated steel tanks, for about 20 days.

A part of the mass refines in steel and the remainder in wooden barrels for a period of 22 months. After a further 6 months rested in the bottle, it arrives on the market.

Montecariano company has been practicing the “integrated production” technique for years. This method aims to have a high quality bunch, and at the same time the preservation and improvement of the agricultural environment where the vines are set. The integrated agriculture, starts from the best choice of planting techniques, in the case of replanting of a vineyard, fertilization, pruning, management of the under foliage, pesticide defense, harvesting. Because it must always be remembered that the fruit grows healthy, if the plant lives in a healthy environment. therefore rich in variety of flora and fauna.

The fertilizers used are of organic and mineral origin based on potassium and magnesium, while the soil is left free to grow wild herbs, which are regularly worked mechanically, on the superficial part.

During the spring and summer, we dispose of the grapes in a manual manner and remove the branches close to the bunch, with the aim of letting the air flow between the bunches, to avoid creating the ideal environment for the mushrooms of the plant.

In case of need, drip irrigation is used.

To defend against downy mildew and powdery mildew, organic technology products are used, therefore mainly copper and sulfur, limiting synthetic products to the floral period.

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