Bolgheri Rosso Impronte 2017 Giorgio Meletti Cavallari, Red wines


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Bolgheri Rosso Impronte 2017 Giorgio Meletti Cavallari

Cabernet Sauvignon 70% e Cabernet Franc 30%.

Intense ruby ​​red, with a bewitching brilliance.

Copious and impressive nose, for power and elegance at the same time. Like its younger brother, it carries with it the imprint of the Bordeaux blend, in this case reduced, coming from the coasts of Tuscany. The nose has ripe berries and red fruit. Followed by notes of Mediterranean herbs, such as thyme and oregano. Even the berries of the vaguest bushes that enrich and color the bush. Eucalyptus and pine forest scents. Some greenish fruit traits, such as the walnut of the husk and the fruit of coffee. Tobacco and other spices enrich the ensemble.

In the mouth it has excellent presence, with a large amount of matter. The hardness is shown in great dust with ripe tannins, good acidity and excellent minerality. Softness does not succumb at all, on the contrary the glycerine and the alcoholic degree pseudocalore put the tiller back in the center. The finish is very persistent with aromas of aromatic herbs, berries and spices.

A great Bolgheri. A great Tuscan red, and consequently a great Italian wine.

Happily accompanies many dishes of traditional Italian cuisine. Excellent with grilled meats and stewed meats. Spicy legume dishes, with cumin and fresh turmeric root, are also indulged with praise.

Bolgheri Rosso Impronte 2017 Giorgio Meletti Cavallari

Giorgio Meletti Cavallari produces Impronte with a selection of the oldest plants of the Piastraia vineyard.

Located on the top of the Castagneto hill at over 300 meters. above sea level. The soil is characterized by clay with a high presence of skeleton and galestrose schists.

The size of the vineyard is 4 hectares, with a density of 6000 plants per hectare and a yield of 45 quintals per hectare.

Training system: spurred cordon.

The harvest is carried out manually with a rigorous selection of the bunches. It carries out the pre-fermentation cold maceration, for a variable period of 36-48 hours. Alcoholic fermentation with autochthonous yeasts at a controlled temperature.

It undergoes the malolactic transformation and ages in new French oak barrels for 14 months. After bottling it remains in the cellars for at least another 12 months.


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